Khamis, 8 November 2018

02/30 - The Dirty Staircase

It was dirty, filthy and smells of urine. The staircase and the area in front of the lift. I can't stand it anymore, so I pulled out my garden hose. A bright orange 30 metre long hose. I turned on the water and sprayed all over the staircase. I put the water to full force. From where i stand, I could even wash the area in front of the lift. Mom looked at me and said thank you in an almost whispering voice.

"It's free," I replied pointing to the water pipe.

Soon, the place was clean. A lady, resident of the flat, came out and rearrange the shoes in front of her house. She walked back into the house. I was pretty sure she is my sister. All was neat and tidy then. I washed the whole 4 or 5 floors without moving from my place. I accidentally washed down a slipper from the lady's place. It fell to the ground floor. She'll picked it up herself, I thought.

Day 02/30

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