Khamis, 15 November 2018

04/30 - Life Hardships

It was a normal day at the office when I got a message from a friend in need.
This guys needs some money. Knowing him, I know it's hard for him to ask for a help. What more for money. And the amount he asked for wouldn't last him and his family beyond the day.

He is going through the moment when you start questioning life. Doubting God. And losing hope. I wish I could do more. I feel texting encouraging words would worsen the case. I did text him - minimum words.
May you and your family will never have to go through what I am going through - he replied.
I wish I could do more.

Selasa, 13 November 2018

03/30 - Minor Glitch

So you have a goal. You want to stop smoking. After just 2 days, you light one up again. You fail. And a lot of people gave up all together. But this article I read once rationalised that making mistakes, are a human thing. If we can recognised this as minor glitch, we will eventually get to stop smoking. You will get to your goals with some minor glitch.

Smoking, diet, exercise and writing.

Day 03/30

Khamis, 8 November 2018

02/30 - Ideas

I have actually tried this before. Writing consistently. What was lacking is not the flair, not the time, but the story.

Ideas, either in the form of paintings, writings, cartoon strips or inventions, comes from reading and experiencing. From doing stuff. Experiencing new things.

By going through life on a routine, doing the same thing day in and day out, ideas can be drain out. Routine, a human behaviour, dulls out life.

Reading is a good source of ideas. Reading is cheap and mobile. Reading is experiencing other people experience. Reading is harvesting ideas. As long as you read without prejudice.

02/30 - The Dirty Staircase

It was dirty, filthy and smells of urine. The staircase and the area in front of the lift. I can't stand it anymore, so I pulled out my garden hose. A bright orange 30 metre long hose. I turned on the water and sprayed all over the staircase. I put the water to full force. From where i stand, I could even wash the area in front of the lift. Mom looked at me and said thank you in an almost whispering voice.

"It's free," I replied pointing to the water pipe.

Soon, the place was clean. A lady, resident of the flat, came out and rearrange the shoes in front of her house. She walked back into the house. I was pretty sure she is my sister. All was neat and tidy then. I washed the whole 4 or 5 floors without moving from my place. I accidentally washed down a slipper from the lady's place. It fell to the ground floor. She'll picked it up herself, I thought.

Day 02/30

Rabu, 7 November 2018

01/30 - So I Decided To Write

Embracing the social media trend I came up with a hashtag 30 days challenge. As the school holidays is nearing, I came up with this idea for my children. Do something for 30 days. One simple thing, craft, art, write, anything that can be learn, for 30 days non stop. Spend a few minutes, maybe half an hour each day.

One decided to go with origami. The other one still haven't found his thing.

And I am going with writing. Lets throw in a drawing together with this. How about that?

Day 01/30