Isnin, 22 Januari 2018

Senarai Lokasi KPTN 2018

Berikut adalah tarikh dan lokasi KPTN 2018 - Karnival Pendidikan Tinggi Negara 2018.

Sabah (Tawau)     27 - 28 Januari          Eastern Plaza, Tawau
Sarawak (Miri)      27 - 28 Januari          Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, Miri

Melaka                    3 - 4 Februari            Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC)

Perlis                   10 - 11 Februari       Universiti Malaysia Perlis
Kedah                 10 - 11 Februari       Universiti Utara Malaysia

Johor                  24 - 25 Februari       Persada Johor
N9                      24 - 25 Februari       Politeknik Nilai

Terengganu           3 - 4 Mac        Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
Pahang                  3 - 4 Mac        Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Pulau Pinang       10 - 11 Mac   Politeknik Seberang Perai
Kelantan              10 - 11 Mac   USM (Kubang Kerian)

Sabah (KK)          17 - 18 Mac   1Borneo Hypermall
Labuan                17 - 18 Mac   Komplek Ujana Kewangan

Selangor           31 Mac - 1 April        UiTM Shah Alam

Perak                             7 - 8 April       Amanjaya Convention Centre, Ipoh
Sarawak (Kuching)        7 - 8 April       CityONE MegaMall Exhibition Centre

Karnival bermula jam 8 pagi ke 5 petang

Sabtu, 20 Januari 2018

Jadual Karnival Pendidikan Tinggi Negara 2018

Seperti tahun lepas, Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi KPT akan menganjurkan satu road tour ke 16 lokasi seluruh negara. Karnival Pendidikan Tinggi Negara 2018 akan bermula 2hb Feb dan akan disertai oleh semua Universiti Awam, Kolej swasta dan segalanya berkenaan pendidikan. Tahun lepas PTPTN dan beberapa bank turut serta.

8 pagi - 5 petang
Masuk Percuma

Rabu, 10 Januari 2018

Ho Chi Minh Fine Art Museum

A good palce to visit in Ho Chi Minh is the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Art. The building itself is an impressive view. It is a huge place consisting of 3 bungalows. Yellow in colour, it used to be a home to a Chinese businessman in the early 1950s. What ever happened to them or their family is not known. The lady from the Museum counter mumbled something.

Very helpful and knowledgeable people.

Basic Where
HCM City Museum of Fine Art is located some 250 metres away from Ben Thanh Market - which is in the middle of the city.That's what google map says. It feels a little further than that. Especially when you are walking with 3 children along the main road.

Basic What
The museum is a museum obviously. It houses paintings of local artist. The most interesting ones were those being drawn during the Vietnam War with the USA. There is a small entrance fee. Which does not do justice to the value of art it has. A donation box should be place in the museum. I was there for about 3 hours. Lovely.

We got one with a signage.

One of the balcony

The main house is a U shape building with a court yard in the centre.


The tiles were nice. Small pieces of delicate ceramics.

The house itself was impressive. It is huge. I went around trying to imagine what would it be having a place like this. A family of 5. And you'll need a team of maids and a handyman around. I would have 4 dinning - breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. And a few bedrooms to myself. Wow.

Signed 1972

Watercolour 1960 
signed 1969


1960 or is it 1968 ?

The more recent art installation.