Selasa, 17 Oktober 2017

NICE 2017 @ TPM

Peminat Animasi, Hassan Muthalib & Fariz Ghazali.

A forum was organised by ANIMAS for the KL-SCI-FI CONVENTION (NICE) and Hassan Muthalib was invited to give a talk. I was the moderator. The place was noisy as the hall held a few talks, games and meet-the-fan session all at once. Sounds were coming in all direction. Amid the clamour, we managed (Hassan of course) to deliver the talk.
What was interesting was the fact that there were people, although only 2 couples, who came just for this ! Both couples were a father-son. The one in the picture had a long after event talk with us. He is a fan of the local animation scene. I never though there were non-animators being interested in this scene. There are fans of the animation itself, but this guy was curious with the history, development and the on going of the industry. Amazing !

He didn't buy the book though.

Still for sale.

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