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From Mouse Deer To Mouse - 70 Years of Malaysian Animation

Transformers was made in Malaysia ! A fact taken from the book From Mouse Deer To Mouse - 70 Years of Malaysian Animation (ISBN 978-983-2538-33-2) and was written by Hassan Abd. Muthalib. This is the first publication to document Malaysia's animation history.

The book starts of with some detailing on world animation history and the animation techniques used in the past and present. It then goes on with Malaysia's animation history. A lot of the early parts were about Filem Negara Malaysia (now Finas PJ), the only place animation can be produce then.

The book then goes on to tell about the people and companies that has been part of Malaysia animation industry up till today. I like the fact that the writer uses a first person style of writing, making it sound personal.

Hassan took 10 years to write this book - alone. It involves 'enormous amount of research' but he admits 'some did not respond to my (his) queries or request.' Higher learning institution, universities, libraries and schools should each have a copy of this. A good reference for education.

This 293 pages, hard cover book is being sold at RM120 each. There's only 1000 copies and every
book is serial numbered.  From Mouse Deer To Mouse - 70 Years of Malaysian Animation was published in 2016 by ASWARA.
Hassan with the 'this is mine' pose.

This book has also inspired me to meet animators and those who was involved in the animation industry in Malaysia. I have started meeting some old timers for an interview. I recorded them for errr... I'm yet to think of a reason but I recorded those interviews. If you are one of them, please do drop me a line.

Thank you.

And for those interested in buying this book you can either find 
Hassan Abd Muthalib on facebook
 Amier Hamzah, President of ANIMAS, on facebook
PPKS, ASWARA on facebook
or lastly, email me. Or leave a msg here.

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