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Bukittinggi, Padang Tour: What To Expect

Bukittinggi tour. Malaysian will search for Bukit Tinggi and that will get you to Bukit Tinggi near Genting. This article will talk about Bukittinggi in Sumatera Barat. A town near to Padang. A city of the Mingkabau people. It is an hour flight from KLIA.

I went to Bukittinggi in December last year and it's a little messed up holiday plan. Nice, but a little messed up. So, here are the things to expect for you to plan for your holidays there. And some tips.

Not to misguide readers, Minangkabau people are nice and friendly, the tour guide was helpful, the weather was a little cool compared to home, nothing to hate really.

It is just that I did not expect some unexpected things for a tourist spot most Malaysian will go after Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya and Bandung. So here goes. Read on..

Basic Where?
Bukittinggi is located some 80km from the Padang airport. Padang  - Bukittinggi berapa lama? Well Bukittinggi from the airport is 2 - 2.5 hours. Padang from airport is an hour drive. So the airport is located in between  Padang and Bukittinggi.

The tourist map.

1. Traffic Jams
What used to be a 6 weeks holidays in December is now a 2 weeks break. So the locals have only 2 weeks at the end of the year and that alone cramped up Bukittinggi. What normally took 2 to 2.5 hours drive from Padang's Airport Bandar Udara Internasional Minangkabau, turned into a 5 hour ride. So, plan your holidays before the locals holiday season.

If you are to google, type in Jadwal not Jadual, Hari Libur not Cuti.

I am doing you a favour: Jadual Cuti Sekolah Indonesia.

So it states that they are on long holidays in June (3 weeks) and December (2 weeks).

2. Winding Roads
The tourist spots are a far apart. An hour drive up the hills and down again. If your group includes elderly and 'jumping children', an hour in a van on a winding road may be a little too much. (The parents should be used to the jumping but the grandparents would suffer in silence)

You see, the proses perah tebu menggunakan kerbau is interesting.
But to travel an hour just for this is a little too much.

3. Novotel, Bukittinggi
Stayed here. The hotel exterior and interior is nice. Nothing to shout about the rooms and buffet breakfast. The workers are very friendly and helpful. Thumbs up! And it is a walking distance to the market place near Jam Gadang.

4. Rumah Gadang
or Rumah Adat is worth to visit. I went to the one in Pagarruyung and the one in Padangpanjang. Both are worth it and informative. And not too big. Just nice.

The one in Pagarruyung.
And before the entrance are mascots, BoBoiBoy included (I doubt legal).
Take a picture with them and they will ask for money. Careful.

Harga tiket masuk bagi pelancong.

5. Kain Sulam
Bukittinggi is famous for its kain sulam. And shops here display prices in RM. Huh! I was taken to a house where this lady and her husband sells kain sulam. Me and my wife find it interesting and better than the shops by the street.

Here, we can shop, the children can play outside safely and the parents can sit on the porch and will be serve hot coffee for free.

6. Nasi Padang
The nasi padang here around KL seems better and a lot more podeh. There's no daging dendeng. The lauk are on the sweet side. Jangan order air. Manis meleceh! But you are in Padang and Nasi Padang is a must. I would highly recomend Restoren Sederhana. Price is fair, sedap and comfy.

In Bukittinggi, eat here.

7. Padang
We spend the last night in Padang. Padang is a waste of time. The hotel (the only one available during this season) was not up to advertised standard. And Padang has nothing to show. It is a city with no tourist attraction - at all ! If you have choice, spend time in Bukittinggi instead.

Happy holidays.

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