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Lat's Latest Work

Book Cover Obviously.
Lat's latest work is not a cartoon. Lat: My Life And Cartoons is a book with no drawings. I've read it. This is not a review. Maybe it is, but not a good one.

I find Lat's My Life And Cartoons ISBN 978-967-10617-5-6 interesting because, just as a few thousand others, I am a fan.

Lat is a cartoonist. Everybody knows that. I drew his characters closely when I was a kid. Malaysian loves him. I love his work & I love Ujang's work. Both are great local cartoonist. But apart from the cartoonist everybody knows him, I found another thing amusing about Lat. Later in my teenage years, after reading his collections a few times, I realised that Lat is a good story teller. Not only in his writing but also in his composition. So was Ujang - great story teller. So, when I heard about this book, I was excited.

Lat: My Life And Cartoons is written as if he is talking, steering out of a story and back again here and there. Details all his big life events and happenings. But as a story, it lacks the curves or the roller coster. The... graphs moves up a little too fast and it doesn't comes down. I supposed that's his real life. And being a successful, positive person he is, he might not want to mention (or even remember) the downs and depressed moments.

With Dato' Lat himself. Dato pakai
sama macam dalam cover buku.

Lat: My Life And Cartoons was launched at Borders the Curve on the 19th of November. A Jakartarian (Jakartarian ?) lady came all the way for this event. Lining up for his signature includes Jaafar Taib (Jaafar Taib tu..). Imuda, Don, Gayour, Sireh (aku agak la, sebab semalam tu baru layan Jenama X) and a few other cartoonist were also there to give support.

Maybe you would like to know the price is RM 99.

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