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Tips on Giving Food For The Homeless in KL

Victoria Institution Food For The Needy. Victoria Institution is a school in KL. We are the old boys. KL is KL la.

Giving food to the needy is good. We did it twice. The first was in Ramadhan last year and recently during Chinese New Year. If you are planning to do it, these are some tips. Or more like some
writings of what we went through and you figure out what's good for you.

1. We prepared 300 packs of food and mineral water. Started at 11pm, we finished distributing at 3am. We were looking for the homeless all around KL. Because on public holidays and weekends, a lot of groups will contribute, the homeless have more than they can eat for the night.

2. The 2nd time around we had 200 packs of nasi lemak. Still the same story. 70 packs would be sufficient.

3. Always bring more water than food.

4. Start early to avoid 'competition'

5. Have walkie talkie if you are in a big group travelling in a few cars.

6. Do not judge. Some dress better than you. Most of them look clean. Some may want to have more than a pack. Most are not MALAYSIANS ! But you are here to give, so give. Do not judge.

7. Orang lepak dan orang homeless lain. Saje je kena maki.

8. Other people give cloths. Doctors set up tables for basic check up. JAWI was there helping theme isi borang for something. Some group offer toiletries. Some give free haircuts.

9. There are children around. Maybe we should give away children related stuff next.

Good luck.

Some of the VI boys brought their children along. Good la.

Where next ?


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