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The great book of The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

This would be my longest article title in my blog. I am not to be blame because the book itself is titled The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared. It would be nicely translated as Seorang Atuk Berumur 100 Tahun Yang Telah Panjat Keluar Dari Tingkapnya Dan Terus Hilang. Written by Jonas Jonasson or Jonas Jonas Anak.

OK. Let's go ! I took a deep breath and 10 days later, I was glad I took the challenge.
The title and illustration was eye catching. The thickness was a challenge. But since I was into my '12 books a year' mood that day, I thought it would be fun to have a thick book. It might also be because of the 'Over 4 Million Copies Sold Worldwide', might also be because of the 'Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture' stamp on the book, but whatever it was, I was glad I read it.
The last book that got me glued was about Sultan Muhammad Al Fateh. I finished the book in a few days. His charisma, leadership, knowledge, bravery and the faith in Allah was very impressive. And he is a real character, a Sultan from the Ottoman. He opened up Constantinople. Before that was a book by Samad Said. He's autobiography titled Dari Salina ke Langit Petang - Edisi Santai. Edisi Santai means a thinner version of the original book. The struggle, the jerih-perih and the process he went through in creating his literature. His life stories and why and how he writes. And I remember enjoying a biography of Bung Karno, simply titled Soekarno. In english. Red Cover. I do not read a lot. Not books. I read megazine and short articles. Mainly from the net. But these 4 books that I remembered reading has 1 thing in common. They are all about great people with great achievements. I read with full admiration.
But Allan Karisson is different. He is not wise, not really cleaver and has no plans in life. But this man which Jonas Jonasson created had an adventurous life. A man that holds no grudge, does not get angry and is warm. He is a positive thinker and would make a lot of money giving talks and motivation if he was real.

Never read in public while having breakfast before.
The 'Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture' claim was not longer true. It has, a quick check with Youtube, been turn into a movie in 2014. But if you had read the book, the movie must feel very choppy and rushed. I've experienced it long ago with Jurassic Park.
Overall the story is superb and the 463 pages doesn't seems too long.

This book was my second book I bought for the year (1437 Hijrah) in the quest to read 12 books a year. After this book though, which was time consuming, I might decided to lower the target to 3 books. Reading has taken away most of my time at night before bed, which I usually spend
on Youtube watching random mysteries tales, ancient cities, speed paintings, top ten and mostly time-wasting-videos-which-the-title-is-nothing-close-to-the-content videos.

And I love the Forest Gump like plots. I could never guest the next turn and it excite me almost every time. If I could write and describe the writing style I would, but I could. I just can't explain. The ending seems a little bit draggy though. There's a few thoughts of "he should have end it here, like this." But Jonasson is the writer and I'm convince he knows better.

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