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Penang Street Art

A good tourist spot for art lovers with children who doesn't mind some hot sun and sweating. And if you like texture of rotting woods, moss, decaying walls and plants growing in between wall cracks. I can get this around my housing area but we thought travelling some 400 kilometers away would be much more fun.

Basic Where ?

Penang is situated north of Malaysia, some 400km away form KL. It is a popular tourist attraction. The street art thingy is in town. Find Armenian Street or Lebuh Acheh. I am not sure about public transport, i took the car into town. A Sunday on a long national holiday, one would expect the parking to be full. I was there at 10am and found myself a parking spot in one of the 'per entry' space. RM5 per entry.

Basic What Is This ?

Street art here means paintings on walls. NO street performer, NO unicycle juggling act, NO mime, NO man paint themselves and stays still as if a statute and NO drawings on the pavement. Just paintings on walls.

Firstly get a map. You can get them free from almost any tourist-ly shop. Then figure out where you are and where you are going next.
Then you'll probably get lost. So you ask the china-man in front of his shop for help. He'll then say "Eh, Ooo.. this one wrong map."

Then he gives you another one. Then you decide to take the beca because it all looks complicated. Yes, rent a beca (trishaw) because the beca man will bring you to all the paintings.

Where ?
Unlike Malacca, the whole street, the whole area is made for tourist. Its nice and selfie friendly all the way. Here in Penang, the paintings are scattered, faded and unmarked. So, the beca man can be a good tour guide. At RM35 per hour (for Malaysians) its worth it.

A lot of unique customise bike. Rental would be between RM 60 to RM 80 for 2 hours.

My bike cost RM10 per hour. Got bakul infront ma.

RM 80 for 2 hours. I rented a Saga for RM 90 per day. But you really can't compare. Come a day earlier for advance booking. Those expensive bikes would be unavailable by 10:30 am or so. I have no relation to Wong. 

This popular painting you get on t-shirts and notebooks and all is actually a worn off painting with too many people taking pictures.

T-Shirts. Buy one. Support local industry. You wouldn't want to see Banglas mending tourist attraction 'local' shops right? Soon mat salleh will come to Malaysia to see paintings made by mat sallehs and stalls mended by Bangladeshis. Very soon.

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