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Malacca Holiday Once Again

Malacca is spelled with one 'L' and 2 'C's. A popular tourist place amongst Singaporean, Indonesians and Malaysians too. And a city you can go again and again and again and again....

Jonker Street - sempoi !

Basic Where ?

Southern part of Semenanjung Malaysia, some 3 hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur. Always book a place to stay early, especially during school break. Hotels and motels can be fully booked. Home stay is a better choice. The city can be very congested on Saturdays and Sundays. I prefer to stay right in the middle of the city so attractions are walking distance.

Basic What Is Malacca ?

Malacca is a tourist destination. They have ample of theme parks, as in Taman Buaya (crocodile farm) etc. They have museums. They have beaches. They have historical sites. They have food.

This is the place Malaysia started, way back in 1400. There was a huge ancient civilisation here called errr.. Melaka. So well known, popular and strong as a port and trading city that the sea beside her is call Selat Melaka. A country attacked and conquered by the Portuguese, Belanda (Dutch) and British for a few hundred years. And today we Malaysians are proud of the old buildings and the remains of the people who killed, slaughtered, murdered, rape and steal from our ancestors. Termasuklah aku yang tengok je bangunan orang puteh tu tanpa rasa dendam. Tui.. !

Do not miss to visit Jonker Street

You can rent a bike for as low as RM3 per hour.
Cycling around on congested street is safe.
Cars are going at 20km/h.

Take a peak into the shops architecture and interiors.

The children finding the way out. Then we rented the bike.

Planning To Go ?

Then do not waste time reading blogs and all, just go. Err. wait. Book a place. We were at Hatten Hotel. A 5 star hotel. In one of the premium rooms. And yet no towels were given. I called room service at night and they didn't come. It was until tomorrow that the cleaning girl told me that they were out of towels as the laundry can't cope up. That's how fully booked the city can be. So make sure you have a place before going.

I didn't stay here.

Makam dan Masjid.

And they have trishaws.
Very bright,colourfull,
with loud western music and have
no cultural value related to Malacca. But
the kids love it.
Istana Melaka - Muzium.

Masjid aku gi Jummat hari tu.

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