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Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

  1. Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia atau Muzium Seni Islam Malaysia memang best dan informative. Pergi lah bawak anak-anak. Although most of the collection are still the same since it was first open some 16-17 years ago. But no complains. Its good.

Taken from the net. Where's my own picture? I did have a few.

Basically Where Is This ?

Located in the heart of KL, next to the national mosque. Take the whole day to visit the places here. There's the old railway station nearby - beautiful Moorish architecture, the national mosque and the bird park.

Entrance Fee as of 2014

Adults goes in for RM 14 and children is RM 7. Maybe those below 9 years old are too young to appreciate stuff on display, but I brought my boys and they had fun looking. And running.

Basic What Is This ?

But please be reminded that this is a museum that talks about the Islamic art history. Not on Islam as a religion or a way of life, the empire etc. They exhibit clothes, ceramics, Quran, Khats, jewelry and furniture.

Then there is a section of miniature mosques. Great old mosques around the world being displayed. Including Masjidil Haram and Masjid Nabawi.

The Museum itself is has nice interior.

Construction going on.

 I didn't take pictures of the exibits. Have to respect the rules. So no more info from me.

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