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PD Ostrich Show Farm - Thumbs Up !

What to do? Where to go with the holidays coming? The children are restless and I am no fun nor exiting dad. Cuti sekolah, mana nak pergi? Mana nak pergi? Cuti sekolah.

So this time around we decided to go to PD - Port Dickson. Sapa Dickson ni aku tak berapa nak tau. Again, if you are a family with love for animals (and the smell of animals), PD has an Ostrich Farm to offer besides the beach. Clean, orang dia baik-baik, spacious and children friendly. The toilets were under construction so I didn't get to go. There's a small souvernir shop that nobody goes in. And there's a huge dining area where you can rest and tour groups gather. Very comfy.

Basic Where?
Teluk Kemang. Teluk Kemang is in PD, Negeri Sembilan, which is around 2 hours drive from KL. Drive along the beach of Teluk Kemang, on your right is a sign. This paragraph is not very helpful - because it's kind of easy to find it.

Its there in google map

Basic What Is It?

It is an animal farm. There are rabbits, burung puyuh, chickens, snakes, reptiles, donkeys and a few more suitable animals plus ostriches. There are more rabbits than ostrich. Plus dinosaurs. We didn't see any though. A guided tour will take an hour plus to finish. Come early and you can spend more time with the rabbits.

OK. Reasonable price.

Pay and get this. They also sell packs of food to feed the animals too.

Baru perasan dia tulis untuk di jual. Best jugak ada ostrich kat rumah.

Kan dah cakap, ada dinasour.

Tanduk kambing detail

Mencari makan
Masuk-masuk you will be greeted by a goat.
Samada kurang penguasaan Bahasa sendiri atau menulis berbunga seni.
Kandang puyuh & rabbits. Quails can be very smelly.
But not here. Well kept and well cleaned.

Donkey fur detail

"Nobody wants a donkey nowdays," says the farm guide man.
The meat is not eaten, work also cannot - got tractor.

Bunyi Keldai amat buruk.

Iye la. Kurang penguasaan Bahasa sendiri.

Mapping reptile skin

Diorang yang sebenarnya menyambut kami awal awal kat sana. Lupa lak.

A family day group

It was a nice trip. It was hot and sunny. With the tour guy around, plenty of information. We by chance arrived with another group of family and were taken on a tour. I am not sure if the tour guide guy does this on regular basis.

A good trip. You can bring along your baby's stroller. And carry plenty of water.


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