Isnin, 24 November 2014

Palestine In Art

It is a graphic novel by Joe Sacco published some 12-13 years ago (?), still relevant, great art, great story. If you want to know a little bit more on the Palestinians, if you like great storytelling, if you like cartoon, this is a good buy.

The cover looks like. 
ISBN 1-56097-432-X

A little write up.

A story of an american journalist / cartoonist traveling to Palestine.

The artwork: its detail, observation, care and tenderness.
This is the kind of style that you can read over and again
and still could discover something new in the artwork.

Detail and strong expression. Look at the ladies in mid frame.
I am fan of Ujang, who was also very particular to details.

Real story 'unpoliticised'
Its not easy reading a graphic novel. You'll read it fast to see what happens next, then you slow down because you are not doing justice to the art. But then the story has got to go on, and then you would be peeking the next page, amazed by the drawings. Its not easy. 

Joe Sacco / Palestine terbaik..!

Sacco gambar bila ntah. Ambik dari theguradian.