Khamis, 10 Julai 2014


Berapa ramai lagi ada gambar macam ni..?
Taman Buaya, Malacca (Crocodile Farm) -  I was here some 25 years ago. All you see are crocodiles. And Crocodiles do not move. NatGeo would be a far more better place to see crocodiles.

Anyway, we went in, in the hot afternoon. Adults pay RM15 and children RM12.

..And you will get this.

There was not many people there. Maybe because it was the first day of school holidays. And it was almost 3 pm. People may have left the place.

Miniatures of popular buildings around Malaysia. Not very well
crafted, not very well maintained...
..but for a RM15 entrance fee, you have to understand the kekangan dan halangan yang dihadapi. hehehe...
Dengan nak bagi makan buaya lagi, bukan senang..

Peacocks and birds among other other things.

Ada a few other birds and ducks and ayam, which i didn't take pictures off. And there's a 'so chinese' Rumah Hantu kat entrance and this abandon bumper car..

would love to try this.

Taman Buaya, Malacca is very clean and nice. The toilets are clean. Ada musolla / surau kecik. Dan confirm, taman buaya ada buaya. The trees are all big and shady and it helps when it's hot.

Elok lak time ni ada care taker ni nak main dengan buaya.
Bunyi sentapan mulut buaya amat menakutkan.

The water is being filled because once a
while the'll dry up the place to clean.

And the best part is, bring your kids bathing suits because there's a pool for children. Unfortunately, I have no picture of the pool as proof.

Taman Buaya, Malacca (Crocodile Farm) .. 

... awesome..!

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