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Deerland, Lanchang, Pahang.


Situated some 3 km from Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation, is a private own animal park named Deerland. I thought it was a deer farm and that was it. But Deerland is very interesting and family friendly place. Highly recommended for you.

If you came to this post via google (and not from my previous post of Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Centre - http://farizghazali.blogspot.my/2014/06/kuala-gandah-national-elephant.html) Deerland is in Lanchang, an hour and a half drive from the city of KL.

My wife's dream is to have a place like this.

Heliconia walk way.

See how we get to push the strollers around. Its clean and teduh. I've been to a zoo in some country that's not really clean and smelly and muddy. It's fine if you are alone, but not for the kids. Deerland is really clean. And we had the whole place to ourselves as a bus load of teenage students (not so clean and smelly) just left the place.

It's clean.
And in Deerland, you will come across deers. And you'll get to feed the deers. For a minimum entrance fee of RM6 this place is cool. Even if it's RM20, it is still worth it.

A beautiful deer.

And more deer..

The animals are well kept.

Zahin feeding the animals. Obviously.

Gemuk dan Bersih.

And further down is another place which houses huge deer. Menakutkan jugak kalau sorang sorang dalam hutan jumpa satu geng rusa macam ni.

And then you'll get to see birds. Different types of birds.
I used to read all the writings about the animals displayed. But now with children, not any more.
So I have no clue what kind of bird is this.

But I know this guy. He got kung fu. He's the one in Kung Fu Panda. He's the valiant.
When not acting, he's here. 

And this guy is the actor in Over The Hedge.

He loves it. 

My son wants to take this home.

And very friendly creature. These small animals are being kept in cages during the night.
So cats or snakes would not eat them. What is this I have no idea. We  were going "look,
it moves like a squirrel, maybe a rat.." with the kids.


And flowers.

MashaAllah.., And this amazing, beautiful bird. Just amazing.
Golden Pheasant.
I'm going to do a batik design based on her.

Itik cantik di kolam yang cantik tapi tak over decorated..
This place, although caged up with signages and everything, doesn't have that zoo feeling. It feels personal. It is personal. This place belongs to a couple. Looking at the animals, I wonder how much he spends to get them.

Dah mood sedap, apa bende pun cantik masa ni.
And just before leaving, you'll see this. Good idea.
And guys, please donate. Like me, see.

And that man who sells the ticket and take care of the shop is actually the owner. Friendly Abdullah.
"Minat," kata dia.
This Deerland is his, doing it for the love for animals. He used to have bigger animals
but the government took them away. You have to have permission to keep endangered species.
Zahin with something on his head. I do not like lizard.

And in front of the deerland a construction is taking place. Abdullah says that it will be a tiger-land thingy. So I think I will be back here maybe next year.

Love this place.

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  1. Assalamualaikum.Tak silap sbelum ni dia ada bela beruang madu dgn kucing hutan kan?Saya slalu blogwalking..nak tengok byk entry psl deerland ni..ralat plak rasa bila haiwan unik tu dah takda :( kesian owner..anyway,salam perkenalan..

    1. waalaikum salam. kalau tak silap beruang madu tu antara haiwan yang pihak berkuasa rampas.. kalau x silap la.

  2. Salam..office animation di shah alam still ada ke?

    1. Saya tidak lagi bersama team shah alam. Saya pun tak pasti masih ada ke tak.

  3. Memang best DeerLand udara segar, pemandangan menghijau

    1. kan.. Sangat menyeronokkan. Plan nak ke sana second time tapi belum dapat lagi.