Rabu, 18 Disember 2013

Piala Seri Endon 2013 - Fashion


Nice expensive colour. Colour ada harga? Ada..
Itu bende aku pick up as textile artist dulu.

Kalau boleh buat hanya untuk fashion lelaki, aku confirm join fashion category next year..

Isnin, 16 Disember 2013

Ilham Mengkuang Piala Seri Endon

My first entry won the consolation prize in the craft category. Agak-agak suspens. What is disappointing was the competitors choice of top three tak tersenarai dalam top 3 by the judges. Maybe batik has come to it's limit, but at a glance on the craft category, most work does not stand up. Maybe batik is not meant  for craft. The fashion and soft furnishing saw most inspirational work.

Z's work won nothing. Very disappointing. For the invention and innovation they put into. Maybe there was a different criteria the judges were looking for.

All in all, the organiser, Budi Penyanyang did a good job displaying this time. The thing look so expensive. I only wish these can be display at the concourse of KLCC. Then more can see and more can appreciate.

I'll be back next year insyaAllah.

Inspired by the Song Bangau Oh Bangau, a range of children thingy was produced.

Pillow Book.

The display.

And mine.

Intimidated by other display I went to buy this bust that morning.

That's the texture that went all wrong and then all marvelous and finally all so wrong.
Codenamed: Monkey Batik. Huh?

OK. Start planning for next year. aku nak buat djanting dgn jari lak.