Khamis, 18 Julai 2013

WARNING: Do Not Underestimate Cameron Highland

I was in Cameron last in 2008 (+-) So for the trip this time around, I thought I had Cameron at the back of my hand.

I never thought the climb to Cameron could be tiring. I went through Tapah.

Don't go through Simpang Pulai, says an experience taxi driver. Its really far.
A local grocery shop owner along the way up tells me that Tapah's road might be winding but it's a lot safer. Cars in Simpang Pulai drives faster. More dangerous. Jurang kiri kanan dalam, bang.

The curves and the cool weather will get you. You'll get very sleepy. No place to rest. The climb takes you an hour to reach.

I thought it was going to be a normal hour drive. 1 hour drive and 1 hour climb is a lot different.

Tip: Don't miss Lata Iskandar waterfall. Worth it.

Lata Iskandar: I bet semua orang ada gambar macam ni..!

Sejuknya air sungai. Please pick up any trash yang nampak.
Ada sikit. tak banyak, tapi sebab cantik sangat,
satu botol mineral pun boleh jadi kacau.

It gets really, really cold at night. I didn't remember this the last time I was here.
And logic says, a tourist attraction with non stop development, equals not so cold anymore. Wrong.

I was finally at the top around 145pm. Went straight to the masjid for Jumaat Prayer. The water was icy cold.! And that night, I was looking for my socks.

Starwberries, tea, honey, payung gambar strawberries, fridge magnet strawberries, strawberry chocolate, pensil besar ada strawberry. Nothing new. Relatives coming back from Cameron will bring down the same thing, since as far as I can remember.

Jangan janji kat anak-anak nak beli toys. Toys mahal giler..
Jem dan takde parking. Barang souvenir murah la. Fridge magnet pelbagai..


Steamboat was good. Then there was this ERA restaurant serving buffet style breakfast to dinner. Other wise Cameron has not much to offer.

Semua orang cerita pasal Jem kat Cameron. Jumaat orang naik dari Gua Musang, Sabtu orang naik dari Tapah. So agak sesak la. And make sure dah book hotel / homestay. Cerita pasal tidur dalam kereta ni biasa dengar gak..

You will see:
1. Kebun Teh.
2. Kebun Bee.
3. Kebun Strawberry.
4. Cactus.

These places are actually real production farm. Tourist gets almost no information at all. I walk through the strawberry farm and that's about it. I walk through. I stood by the side of the tea plantation and I walk through the bee farm not knowing anything.

I came, I saw, then I had to google.
But on the other hand, you can take your time here and explore on your own. Very interesting. Touch and taste everything. I, for one, now learned that the slopes on these tea plantation is no joke. The ladies picking up the tea leaves must have good strong legs. Betis mesti muscle..!

Stop and beli madu sini. Confirm original. Beli lah halia hutan. Tapi nak beli kraf kena tengok lebih sikit. And kena tau harga kat bawah. This time around, we found the craft too expensive. Or maybe, not cheap.

But I enjoyed the trip. The children playing with their cousins and all.
Nice. Hope to be going again in 2021.

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