Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

MONASH Caulfield

This is Monash U Caulfield taken from er.. i really can't recall.. err.. my design faculty building.
Year 2003. I don't think the green is still around. Not really sure.

The Art & Design faculty building is really designed and as a designer, or an art student, you will surely be proud of relating to it. Functional yet elegantly designed. WHY, do I not have any pictures of the interior is something I am regretting now.

Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

Digital Collage

Title : Kolaj Sem 1
Artist: Fariz Ghazali
Media: Digital Photo
Size: -
Year: 2003

Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012


Title : Batik
Artist: Fariz Ghazali
Media: Photoshop
Size: -
Year: 2003

Exploring the 'new' brushes of photoshop.

Ahad, 7 Oktober 2012


Title : ELLI
Artist: Fariz Ghazali
Media: Sketchbook Pro on iPad
Year: 2012

Isnin, 1 Oktober 2012

PPAS - Perbadanan PerPustakaan Awam Selangor

i briefly remember reading it somewhere. then some months back my brother told me to go to this huge library is shah alam. ive been seeing the signage for sometimes now, but i always thought it refereed to the old shah alam library in the city. some months ago i reluctantly decided to bring the family there. the sign led us to a golf course and a housing area. not really determined, we turned back and off we went to sungai buloh beli pokok..!

Let's hope we can build more libraries with eeeasier access to the public. like shopping malls.

then a friend suggest me taking the children to PPAS. there's a 4D movie show - he says.

and yesterday, i was impressed with this huge building over looking a lake, with no parking space left.

Children, Adolescent and Adults level.

i remember my library at primary school. we spend a lot of time there watching jackie chan movie after exams. my beloved teacher was sickly and she had to go to some treatment. and all i can recall is we watched jackie chan's movie.

The boys trying to get to the ducks. And sampah sikit-sikit.

i didn't do much reading in the secondary school either. we would go in the library, to the far end of the library, pulled out an old looking book and would see the label inside. Oh! this book was last borrowed in 1976! 15 years ago? This one in 1974! Look.. this one has never been taken out! And this was only read once. in 1967! That's about it.

No caption.

and on another occasion i remember going to the library because the art teacher was grading the marks there and i wanted to get comments from him. or did he called us?

it was not until i was doing my master degree that i discovered reading and library. i found a lot of interesting magazines, journals, science thingy, confusing art theories and amusing 'why would i want to know this' kind of books - you know.., books on grass, sleeping pattern and such. i spend a lot of time reading. (national standard) and looking at pictures.

I had 2 fridge. I read a lot.

PPAS is huge. we love the children area. the deco is nice. there's an artificial tree so you can have that artificial experience of reading in a garden.

the 4D movie is limited to adult only. actually to those above 130cm.

Nice. Horse reading.

theres a restaurant if im not mistaken. a gym down there and a signage to a bookstore. only the signage.
the library opens out to a beautiful lake with 2 clans of ducks. the browns and the whites. each with 4 members. pokok hotdog and orkid air. but why must we trow rubbish every where?

The boys running - see.

the brief visit had already taken 2 hours. we had not much time, and the boys were starting to run around.. so i plan another next time all by myself.

this article doesn't really help in anything.