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Haiya BidDoa in

Again we are in the news. Part of the hype-ing up the NEF-AWANI Awards event which Haiya BidDoa is running for the Best Animation Category.

So, if you have not clicked news up there, do it here..!

Isnin, 9 Januari 2012

Trans Studio Bandung: Not a Good Choice

So the year 2011 ended with a family trip to Bandung. 2 main agendas -Trans Studio for the kids and shopping for the ladies. Claimed to be one of the biggest indoor theme park in the world, Trans Studio Bandung was disappointing for us.

Bandung overall was disappointing for me. The lousy airport service, the over priced transportation fare, the over priced food, the traffic, the 3-star hotel with a 4-star price and 2 star facilities and service, the kebun binatang (zoo) which is.. err..

Ala.. Indonesia macam tu la.. Bandung macam tu la.. kalau tak suka jangan pergi.. - your voice

OK la..

Duduk rumah tengok kes mahkamah Anwar Ibrahim.!

OK la..

But. And I do not know how, despite the not up to expectation facilities, the people of Bandung were friendly and easy going.


Do not go to trans studio if you have children 4 or 5 years old.
Do not go if your children (or you yourself) is shorter than 130 cm.
Do not go during Indonesia school holidays.

With 4 children below 8 years, the only rides they got to go on was the 'little, simple, not worth the price paid' choo-choo trains and spinning cups and sort. I didn't blog surf before deciding to go or else I would have known. Each entry to Trans Studio was Rp200,000. Around RM70. With that amount, you can go tired on rides back home.

At the end of the day, we spend close to Rp2.5 million (RM 860) for the tickets, food and transport !!!

The 'little, simple, not worth the price paid' choo-choo trains and spinning cups rides.
But children are easily amused. Not their dad.


And we were there during the Indonesian school holidays. With Jakarta a few hours drive away, the place was packed, uninformative (cash card system and no food allowed) and too loud.

People were pouring in since morning and within an hour of opening, the queue to almost all rides were an hour long. I saw one with a "90 minutes from here" mark. After spending 4 hours, I managed to get my children on 2 rides minus the "choo-choo train" thingy. An hour long queue, hot and stuffy, (and carrying my child some-more..) loud singing noise, is not my idea of FUN.


In our family of ten, we only have 1 teenager. Nearly a teenage actually. 2 warga emas.. (veterans), 4 children below 8 years and 3 adults. Now, I'm looking at their web again and I am guessing that all my complains might just have a reason. We are not the target audience. Target client or consumers or what ever. Trans Studio might not be for us. They should have the notice and warning posters all over. Rp200,000 per entry is not cheap.

Dude, it's only like 20 dollars. - your voice

Yeah, but I can get more out of that 20 dollars back home.

Trans Studio was not designed to accommodate Sundays' crowd nor little children. No consideration was made to the structure design to reduce the noise. No seats around the place. And no queue-less entertainment (except for the singing which is too loud) It would be much nicer if it's outdoor i think.

All in all, go to Trans Studio only if you are a teenager or a young adult or a newly wed.