Selasa, 13 Disember 2011

Piala Seri Endon 2011

Tahniah buat isteri, Zurin dan rakan sepasukannya Ida dan Siti atas kejayaan kemenangan Piala Seri Endon 2011, kategori kraf yang lepas.

Rabu, 7 Disember 2011

Sabtu, 3 Disember 2011

Line Drawing - Old Man

Finally, after a few years (years) I finally made it a point to joint deviantart. visit me and comment at

Title : Old Man
Artist: Fariz Ghazali
Media: Ink on Paper
Size: A4!
Year: 1998

Jumaat, 2 Disember 2011

Line Drawing

This was done circa 1997-1998. Drawn on A4 paper. Picture from NatGeo mag - if i'm not mistaken. The figures seems to be a little bit out of proportion but the lines made it up for it. What do you think..?