Isnin, 10 Oktober 2011

Haiya BidDoa - Doa Hilangkan Rasa Marah

A doa to get rid of anger. This was a tricky one. Getting a fun, loving character to get angry. Where should I start? Habib and Zara quarreling? Trowing toys and calling names? I pulled this one off remembering how my children, in anger, still manage to do the ultraman signature "fire!" gesture. That was cute.

There you go. Ultraman fire!

I decided not to have the fire gesture as it would be too cliche. Instead, I created a 'frame by frame cut' inspired by Ultraman classic transformation montage. Not only it would be fun doing it, I would also be getting my (older) viewers going "yeah.. i remember that!" or "Hey! Ultraman..! Ultraman right?"

Habib was superb. I knew this one would have to have all those fx and that alone will ensure replays amongst pre-schoolers - i think. Well, at least my 2 boys was exited. My animators did a good job on this. Fancy lightning, glows, camera shakes and all.

See here at 0:32

I wanted the old school sound fx. The mono, almost one layer, scratching raw sound of 80s. Like the original ultraman video.. (how do i explain sound??) but that will just have to wait.

And whats with the Palestine at the end of this clip? This was shown in a function collecting fund for the Palestinian. This and 5 other clips. ANIMAS -the malaysian animation association was invited to have a reel of half and hour shown. Haiya BidDoa was choosen among a few others. So, in support of Palestinian, why not. Again, I hope viewers (and myself) do get the doa and make an amal out of it.